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detroitIt’s the old chicken and the egg conflict – what came first. In the landlord business we hear it all the time, “I stopped paying my rent because my landlord isn’t doing repairs.”  “I stopped doing repairs because my tenant is paying rent.”

Which comes first? Good question.  My guess is that both happen.  I know landlords that don’t do repairs and the tenants withhold rent.  I know tenants that don’t pay and the owner can’t or refuses to do the repairs.  Both situations often end up in court for the judge to decide.   It’s not always easy to judge right.

If you are a landlord do the necessary repairs.  If your tenants don’t pay, get them out.  It is not a valid excuse in this age to refuse repairs because the tenants aren’t paying.  You can evict them for non payment but don’t jeopardize the property, tenant safety, or your reputation by refusing repairs.  There are no requirements for upgrades but the necessary repairs need to be done.


Who is to blame


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