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Tenant’s fighting

It happens to every landlord – that moment when you get the call – your tenants are fighting.  Let’s see: he parked in my spot, she is smoking in her apartment, he is dumping trash in the hallway, she plays loud music all night, he has too many guests, they have 5 children, they cook really weird food that smells up the whole building!  My favorite one was (yes this is true and it happened more than once!) she make loud noises all night while having sex.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s some rules: If there is illegal activity, your tenant that is complaining needs to call the police.  If it is a personal beef they still need to call the police.  Complaints between tenants are usually just that – complaints between tenants.  Don’t get in the middle of it.

Send warnings out to all tenants.  “Knock it off!”  If everyone is complaining about the same tenant and same problem then you may need to evict that one tenant but it depends on what it is.  Are they damaging your building?  Are they a safety hazard?  Health issue?  How are they as tenants and will they cause everyone else to move out?

BIG WARNING: Make sure you are not getting into a discrimination issue.  Don’t let one tenant’s racial anger effect how you view the situation.  I have seen huge discrimination suits over “a certain people group’s cooking.”   You can’t evict someone because you don’t like their food, their color, their music, etc.   Another caution: don’t go to court with hearsay evidence.  If you are evicting because of neighbor’s complaints then they need to come to court and testify.  If it is that bad, they will come.

People fight. Tenant’s fight. Be careful not to get in the middle.Image


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