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Why didn’t they apply?

This is a comment that I hear so often: “Five people looked at the apartment last week and they all said they loved it but none of them applied.”  It is so frustrating when showing a vacancy and everyone takes an application saying that they will “turn it in tomorrow, we love it.”  When the application doesn’t come in the question arises that something is wrong with the rental agency.  “You’re not doing enough to get it rented.  Call these people back.”

I don’t know why people do this.  Maybe they are embarrassed to say they don’t like it.  Maybe they change their mind.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Let me make this clear – Almost all people do this!  I don’t know why.  I wish they would tell me what they don’t like instead of saying they love it.

In reaction to this, don’t chase after people.  They need to show that they want it.  It’s ok to make a follow up call but don’t be desperate and push them to rent.Image


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