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No Pets Allowed

ImageThis is an age old argument – pets or no pets.  I generally don’t allow them in apartments because they can cause too much trouble in a close environment.  In houses I do and here is my argument.  Most (I’m guessing around 80 – 85%) applicants looking for a house have a pet.  It may be a tiny Pomeranian or it could be 3 Pit Bulls.  The problem is, if you advertise “No Pets” you won’t find out.  It’s likely that the person with the Pomeranian won’t bother to apply and the person with 3 Pit Bulls will leave them off the application and move them in anyway.  Leaving it open on the ad and application at least opens the playing field and lets you make the decision up front.  Set the standards – size, type, number, aggressive, etc.  Look at the pet(s) in consideration with the rest of the application.  Get references.  Add a pet deposit and maybe charge more for rent.  Your best applicant may be the one with a dog and by advertising “no pets” you may be knocking them right out without seeing them.


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