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Bed bugs, roaches, fleas, mice.

You’re going to deal with these sooner or later.  I’ve been on the phone all day about a problem in one house.  The tenant moved in July and now claims to have bed bugs and roaches.    The city health inspector called and drilled me a new hole somewhere on my body.  What did I do?  I told the inspector the name of our LICENSED exterminator that treats the property every month.  She called back and informed me that it is now the tenant’s fault.

1) You will encounter problems depending on what part of the country you live in.

2) Some years are worse than others and some problems are harder to deal with.

3) Have a licensed exterminator that documents everything and can back you up.

4) Never rent a unit that has a problem.  If a previous tenant leaves you a problem, fix it before the next tenants move in.

5) Jump on it, document it, and fix what you need to fix.

These problems can bite you (no pun intended).  Do the right thing and if necessary, bill the tenant.  You don’t want a health issue hanging over you.




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