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What type of utilities you offer will vary slightly in different regions of the country.  This is a brief summary.

In Houston, central A/C is a must – even in January.  In Pennsylvania it is required in newer or upper end housing but not in lower end or older homes.

Let’s go through some options:

Heating – in the colder regions, gas heat is the winner right now.  Oil heat is taboo (no one wants it because of the cost).  Heat pumps provide great A/C but the heat isn’t sufficient under 32 degrees.   Electric baseboard is costly and does not offer any a/c benefit.

Central air is a big bonus no matter where you are.  I love central a/c and I wouldn’t want to go without it again.  Wall a/c units seem to be better than window units but then the landlord needs to provide them vs tenants normally provide their own window units.

I will break these down in more detail over the coming days along with appliances.  We will go over some options and expectations.



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