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Gas vs. Oil

Gas heat has a lot of advantages over oil.  Although the price differences have gone up and down over the years, gas has overall been cheaper and is a lot cheaper now.  But besides the cost factor there are other advantages.  With gas, a tenant can pay partial amounts in the winter and not worry about getting shut off.   With oil, it is pay on delivery which can be very hard for tenants.  Yes, you can get on a budget plan but those start in the summer and most people don’t want to pay ahead.  Gas burns cleaner and the tenants don’t need to worry about running out.

For owners, gas furnaces are cheaper to buy and cheaper to maintain.  Overall, they are a better system for everyone.

One caveat – If you are replacing an old oil burner for gas, make sure you line your chimney.  The old oil furnaces have brick chimneys.  Gas furnaces burn cooler and will condensate the chimney and cause it to crumble.  Install a liner and save yourself some big headaches down the road.



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