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I’m not a fireman or an insurance adjuster – just a lowly property manager – so don’t quote me on this.  I don’t like sprinklers in residential units.  I’m sure they are necessary in large buildings but they can really be a pain.  I’m not trying to put a price on safety but 1) they are very expensive to install, 2) they can be expensive to monitor and upkeep, 3) in single family houses the plumbing often runs through the attic and in the winter the pipes can freeze, 4) if they are installed in a single family house and the house is vacated in the winter the whole system can freeze up, 5) if there is a small fire, the sprinklers can cause more damage than the fire itself, 6) on a multiple floor building a broken sprinkler (or one set off by accident) will not only flood that apartment but the ones below causing a huge mess, 7) in small properties (single homes and small apartment buildings) many plumbers and service techs are not familiar with them and do not know how to service them or deal with them at all, and 8) many single family owners end up disconnecting them for all the reasons above.

I’m not anti-sprinklers.  I just think we need to approach them with caution in light residential units.



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