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Back to Back Rentals

The term “Back to Back Rentals” refers to having a new tenant move in immediately after the existing tenant moves out.  This is a coveted procedure by any landlord because it ensures no vacancy loss.  If a tenant moves out August 31 and a new tenant isn’t placed until October 1, there is a month of rent lost forever.   Back to back’s are difficult for a number of reasons:

1) Showings must be done with the current tenant in the property.  If they are messy or uncooperative the showings can be difficult and they may turn off prospective tenants.

2) If the current tenant is moving out on bad terms or being evicted the showings can be outright nasty.

3) The new tenant is relying on the old tenant getting out in time and the landlord getting it ready.

4) If the existing tenant holds over – doesn’t move on time, it can really mess everyone up.  This happened to me when I got married.  The existing tenant was supposed to move in May.  We got married on June 2.  The existing tenant did not get out until the end of June because the house they were building wasn’t completed on time.  We were literally moving in (angry) as they were moving out.  This was NOT the way we wanted to started our marriage together!

5) The laws do not protect the landlord or the new tenant if the existing tenant doesn’t get out.

6) If there are surprise repairs and/or cleaning that needs done, the landlord is under a lot of pressure to get it done quickly.

This is a note that I received today.  The existing tenant gave written notice to move and now is trying to change it and stay. We have already rented it and the new tenant needs it.

The tenant from ******* Road was suppose to move out on the 30th because she was moving back to ****, her job was extended so she is not moving, but we have an application that is approved and has paid her security deposit.

I asked the new tenant if she needed to move on the 1st.  She said yes and I had to inform the existing tenant that they still need to vacate.  We’ll see what happens!


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