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New law in Pennsylvania

There was a new law passed in Pennsylvania concerning carbon monoxide detectors.  This law affects home owners and renters.  Here is a summary:  Every residential unit must have an operational carbon monoxide detector centrally located in the vicinity of the bedrooms and one near any fossil burning heater, appliance or fireplace withing 18 months of December 18, 2013.

Each device must comply with Approved American National Standards for single and multiple station carbon monoxide alarms.   For sale of property, the seller must disclose information about the devices.

Landlords must provide and install the alarms, replace broken or missing alarms (before re-renting), ensure that batteries are working before renting, and maintain units while property is vacant.

Tenants must maintain the devices while they live in a residence.

Some thoughts/questions:  Does a device need to be near a gas stove? Gas fireplace? Gas dryer?  My house has a gas furnace and water heater which are next to each other – I need one there, that is clear.  I have two gas fireplaces, a gas dryer, and a gas stove – all of these are in different rooms and floors.  Do I need one in each area?

The devices can be electric or battery.  Many of the battery operated ones require 3 AA batteries.  That should be fun to maintain in rental units!


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