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$400,000 a month in rent!

To bad we didn’t land this rental!!!!!!!:

After Record-breaking Sale, Fleur de Lys Now for Rent


The buyers of the Los Angeles mega-mansion Fleur de Lys have now put it back on the market — as a rental.

Two weeks after buying the 50,000-square-foot home for a record-breaking $102-million cash, the mystery owners are offering it as a rental through the Westside Estate Agency for $400,000 a month. Already, the property has seen some interest from people who want to rent it for the summer, but the owners are seeking a long-term, qualified tenant with a lease of a year or more, a source confirmed.

To get into the home, the new tenant will have to put down a $1 million security deposit.

Fleur de Lys, at 350 Carolwood Dr. in Los Angeles, was completed in 2002 by socialite Suzanne Saperstein and then-husband David Saperstein, of Metro Networks. Suzanne Saperstein has been trying to sell it off and on since 2007.

The listing, held by Kurt Rappaport and Fred Bernstein, describes the French-styled home as “one of the most spectacular homes ever built in North America” and describes amenities including a professional quality movie theater, a ballroom that accommodates 300, a tennis court and gym, and cooking and entertaining space to host 1,000 people at a time. The estate was sold along with its antique furnishings, in turn-key condition.


Emily Heffter, a reporter and writer for Zillow Blog, covers celebrity real estate, unusual properties, and other real estate topics. Read more of her work here.


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