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Who does your repairs

Owner: “I could do the repairs myself for a lot less than you are charging.”

Manager: “I’m sure you can.  You are welcome to do the repairs if you want.”

Owner: “I have a guy who will do the work for less than half of what you are charging but I have to oversee him and pickup his supplies.”

Manager: “You are welcome to use him.”

Owner: “But I live 3 hours away.  It’s a hassle to come down there and take care of it.”

Manager: “Yes, I can imagine that would be.”

Owner: “I just don’t like paying your prices.  They are too high.”

Manager: “How much is your time worth to drive 3 hours each way to oversee a guy painting your apartment and picking up paint for him?”


I hear this constantly.  This morning as a matter of fact.  You can’t have it both ways.  I don’t change the oil in my car – I pay someone to do it for a lot more than I could do it on my own.  I don’t want the mess, hassle and work involved with changing my oil.  I’m happy that someone will do it for me.

A landlord has a choice – take time out of their schedule to do the work or pay someone to do the work.  It’s their choice.  A manager can lay out the options but can’t be expected to do the work for free.




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