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Keep your security deposit

Keep your security deposit: 6 tips

Make note of these safeguards to ensure you get your money back when you move out.

By Paula Pant of Trulia

Keep your security deposit: 6 tips (© Epoxydude/Getty Images)

© Epoxydude/Getty Images


Do you want to pay an extra one or two months’ rent? Of course not!.

But your security deposit probably represents one to two month’s rent, and countless renters never see that money again. (Bing: Why do renters pay a deposit?)

Here are six tips to avoid losing thousands to lost security deposits.

1. Take photos or video at move-in
The first step to protecting your deposit happens at move-in. Walk through the unit with your landlord and take photos or video of every nook and cranny. Your photos should depict the space at the “macro” level (full rooms) as well as the “micro” level (get close-ups of any existing damage.)

Email the files to your landlord on the same day, so that you both have digital, time-stamped documentation of the condition of the property at move-in. If the video files are too large to email, send it to your landlord via a file-storage website or upload it to a video site as a private video.

Your landlord will appreciate this gesture, as you both share the same goal: You both want solid documentation during move-in so that you won’t get into a brawl during move-out. Your landlord wants the property restored to its move-in condition, so the more you can “prove” that move-in condition, the better — for both of you.

Read More: http://realestate.msn.com/keep-your-security-deposit-6-tips


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