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Housing Codes

I haven’t met a landlord yet that likes building codes, enforcement and inspections.  I don’t either.  I don’t like building permits and licenses and fees.  I think it is ridiculous that we need to pay $300 for permits and inspections to replace a water heater.  Codes are always changing.  Housing codes vary from municipality to municipality and they change from year to year.  Some cities can’t even get the fire department to agree with the city codes requirements.   That is VERY confusing!

Smoke detectors went from a new item a few years ago with 9 volt batteries.  Then came electric,  10 year lithium and 10 year lithium with electric back up.  I doubt that 9 volt detectors are accepted anywhere anymore (and for good reason).   Now we are entering the age of required carbon monoxide detectors.

For all the negatives, there are positives.  Do we want houses with wiring from the early 1900’s?  Do we want buildings without smoke detectors?  How about proper plumbing?  I work in developing nations and see wiring and plumbing that scare me to death.  I don’t know how some of these contraptions work and I wonder how many people get killed.  I have taken showers with electric water heater heads (and exposed wires) that need to be messed with during the shower while I am standing in water!   Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

Below is a recent picture that a friend just sent from Guatemala.  I think all of you would agree that we can’t allow this and we need to work with code enforcers to not allow anything like that here.  My friend commented “I wonder if this works when it rains?”



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