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You only call with bad news

Letter from an owner, “I only hear from you when you have bad news.”  I hear this a lot.  Bad news is that the owner’s unit needs a repair or that something negative happened at the unit.  My job is to inform the owner and enter them into the discussion/solution or get their approval for the repair.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news Mr. Owner.  I didn’t cause your furnace to break or your roof to leak.  I didn’t tell you to buy this property.

Should I start sending out Happy Birthday cards?  Anniversary cards?  Joke of the day?  How about if I call and just say hello?  Oh, I didn’t really need anything, I just wanted to call you and say the weather here is wonderful.

I could put a clause in the contract, “I would like to be called or emailed each week with good news.” and charge $___ for the service.

I know this is just part of the job as a property manager.  We don’t get to make a lot of people happy.

Any suggestions?



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