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You Decide:


Give me your input:  A tenant moves into a house with the refrigerator on the left supplied by the owner.  Stainless steel, ice maker and water in door, side by side, full size.  The refrigerator dies and needs to be replaced.  The owner provides the one on the right – black, no ice maker or water, top freezer and much smaller.

Debate: Does the tenant have an argument that they rented the house with the frig on the left and they deserve to have a similar replacement?  Does the owner have the right to supply any refrigerator that they want?

Comments please.

I have run into this twice this year and I’m curious to other’s opinions.


3 thoughts on “You Decide:

  1. Julie Rudisill says:

    I would say that — since the tenant bought/supplied a fridge for the rental property — they may replace that fridge with any other type of fridge they would like. I do not believe that the owner/mgr of the rental property has any responsibility to replace/purchase another fridge. Furthermore, if the tenants are unhappy with the black fridge they purchased to replace the stainless and leave it behind when the lease ends, the property owner/mgr has every right to sell it.

    • Thanks Julie, the refrigerator was supplied by the owner and was there when the tenant leased. The owner is obligated to supply a refrigerator according to the lease but the lease does not stipulate what kind of refrigerator will be supplied.

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