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Renting in the winter

I find renting between Thanksgiving and Christmas to be a challenge although it is much easier than it was years ago.  January and February can also be difficult if the weather is bad.  We often offer move in specials during these times to attract people to move when it’s not easy.  Here is a good article on the subject:


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Bad Notice for a Monday

January 17, 2015
To: Residents of ———
RE: 1) Notice of water interruptions on Monday, January 19, 2015
Please store water for the entire day since the time period for water interruption is not
clear at this time. 2) Need your assistance for detecting possible water leakages.
Please share your feedback, connections, or expertise.

Dear community;
We need your assistance to keep our low Association Fees. We need your
cooperation, expertise, and opinion about resolving our extremely high water
bills. If you know of a reasonable expert, please let us know.
Our water bills for last few months have been increasing and it has reached to
over $8000 per month. It means about $220 per month each household
comparing to the normal rate of about $15 per month.
There is a chance of water leakages in any of your households or other pipes.
Please check these matters (for example running toilets or faucets.) Please
share your expertise or your opinion with us to find the solution for this
Meanwhile, we met with a representative of the water department to check the
meter to make sure accuracy of the meter. Also, we have arranged an expert
to check possible water leakages on Monday, January 19, 2015.
If we can not detect any water leakage and it is proven that all water
consumptions are ours, then it means we have to increase the association fees
to cover our water bills (add $220 per household per month).
We believe there are water leakages and hoping our experts will find them but
it is a complex task.
Sincerely, ————-