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On Line Reviews

On line reviews have become a part of our lives whether we like them or not.  Anyone can write one – even if they have no experience with the product or service.  In fact, the review can be a total lie and there’s not much anyone can do about it.  In response, many people and businesses are writing fake positive reviews to balance out their ratings.

I have had mentally unstable tenants (and owners) write slashing reviews.  I have had parents write negative reviews because they thought we overcharged poor Sally or Johnny.  I’ve had owners who were slum lords slam us for doing repairs and “gasp” charge for them.  Let’s face it, who is going to take time to sit down and write a nice review for their landlord?  I’ve thought about offering gift cards to tenants for writing positive reviews but never followed through with it.

Before there were on line reviews we might receive complaint letters.  When it was a one to one issue, we could try to resolve the conflict.  Now complaints become dirty laundry that anyone can hang out for the community to read.  The article below demonstrates what happens when the dirty laundry becomes a battle:




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