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Confused Tenants

I could collect many bizarre stories from this job over the years.

My current one is the volume of calls from people who think they rent from us but they don’t.  They argue and accuse but we are not their landlord!  Why haven’t you fixed my repairs?  Why haven’t you returned my security deposit?  I have bedbugs are you going to exterminate?  You’re not one of our tenants – why are you calling me?  Don’t you know who you rent from?

The best one was someone who drove several miles to our office. She parked her car and came inside. She began filling out a check and asked what her balance was.  She never rented from us!  I don’t know why she came to our office or why she thought we were her landlord!  I never figured out who her landlord was or why she came to us.  How can anyone be that confused?????