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Move out pictures

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  In the old days it was difficult to manage move in and move out pictures.  Polaroids, negatives, storing, organizing.  It took a lot of time, money and storage space.

Today there is no excuse.  Take a lot of move in pics and move out pics.  And be ready to defend your charges.  And be ready for nasty reviews on the internet…..”I left this cleaner than it was when I moved in and they kept my whole security deposit!”

I thought this would be a bigger issue with low income rentals.  High end rentals can be worse because the tenants will use greater effort to clear their record, credit and security charges.  The pics below are two recent move outs in $2,000 a month units.  They certainly aren’t the worst I could find but they show a little bit of what we encounter daily.  The second house cost $850 to clean and the tenant blasted me on Google for ripping him off.




One thought on “Move out pictures

  1. Gina says:

    To see pictures of the lie is funny because in my opinion its about time!! I’m a tenant and Honestly I am truly disgusted with Having to scrub and I mean SCRUB for days after (excuse my language) FILTHY PIGS MOVE OUT!! I can walk into an apartment -&- think “wow this is pretty clean! ”
    Until I look a bit better and a bit more!! I understand that Landlords are totally fed up with ppl. Leaving aparments the way they do but, I have a solution. I’LL get to that but first Tenants-If u don’t care to live like a Scumbag -Thats u, but please stop being scumy pigs and not cleaning before u move out and I don’t mean clean the way you do on a daily basis because that is how the apartment got so badly. Tips; you may live on Frying everything you eat, so does every wall and cabinet, stove, frig., dishwasher, fire alarms all have to be caked with Layers and layers of Grease and every inch of the rest of the kitchen. Does the stove top lift up for you to clean under, Amazing breakthrough, it does! Wow! CLEAN IT!! And of you are afraid that ceiling fan is going to hurt you, I assure you it won’t, the walls, top of doors, baseboard heaters, outlets, light covers, they all love soap and water, stop depriving them an the sinks and faucets hate water stains and tubs too clean the house, this means Everything!! Landlords, if u feel u might have some dirty tenants moving in, Ask to bring them anything to the apartment they now live in (even the application-use an excuse-but last minute ) also try adding to ur leases 2Twice -3times a year inspections -this, WILL prevent 75%of the bug-roaches problem and fires and if they are on drugs, there goes ur carpet, the apartment I live in, I’ve never ever seen as many burn marks on a carpet in my entire life!! HEATERS UNCLEANED, Cords-&-wires all tangled laying next to or close enough to curtains, and cigs dropped on the floor all can and have started fires and uncleaned dryers and in the dryer lint thingy leading out of the dryer and outside, it clogs up, I’ve seen 2 homes totally demolished because of that and Landlords if ur not gonna clean up the last tenants ENTIRE MESS ND I MEAN REALLY CLEAN, Hire someone, call me I’ll do it, I’ve done it for friends and family for over 20yrs. And please stop painting over everything but the windows. Like really, there’s hair painted onto the wall dust too, also the outlets and light covers, everything white cheap, flat, paint, so I can’t even wipe it down, gloss paint works.

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